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News by the Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ukrainian Daily Wins May 10, 2022

Seimas of Lithuania passed the bill acknowledging hostilities in Ukraine the genocide, and recognizing russia the state supporting and committing terrorist acts.

✅  According to General Staff, in Kharkiv oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the settlements of Cherkaski Tyshky, Ruski Tyshky, Rybizhne and Bairak. 

 ✅  The enemy is suffering losses on the territory of Ukraine. Based on the General Staff data, the 138th infantry brigade of the 6th army of the Western military division was withdrawn due to heavy losses from Ukraine to Belgorod. Most contractors have resigned. 

✅  In Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast, the mopping-up operation is underway. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed pontoons and russian military equipment. Some invaders were escaping by swimming. 

✅  German Kanzler Olaf Scholz and French President Macron insist on ceasefire on the terms suitable for Ukraine. 

✅ Ministers of foreign affairs of Germany and Netherlands visited Ukraine on May 10. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Berbok visited Bucha where she communicated with locals sharing stories about the atrocities committed by russians in Bucha. Berbok became the first member of the German government to visit the Ukrainian capital after the war broke out on February 24. 

✅ Head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs Annalena Berbok says: “Now it is crystal clear for me why Ukraine wants to be a part of the EU. I understand Ukraine’s application for the membership in the EU. We insist on full membership of Ukraine in the EU.”

✅ “Save Mariupol” petition on saving Azov battalion defenders was signed by 1 million people in 4 days. This petition addresses the UN with the request to immediately evacuate all civilians and servicemen from Mariupol, as well as taking away bodies of all deceased. 

✅Seimas of Lithuania passed the bill acknowledging hostilities in Ukraine the genocide, and recognizing russia the state supporting and committing terrorist acts.

✅ Yermak-Mcfaul expert group elaborated the action plan of energy sanctions against russia. They offer: 

  • regulated import tax (on the way to full embargo) – for redirecting the funds from russian and/or belarussian exporters and allocating these funds for Ukraine’s reparations; 
  • net inflows owned by exporters to be kept on the separate escrow account; 
  • targeted sanctions against service suppliers.

Among gas embargo options, the controlled sales and cessation of russian gas sales by the EU are offered. 

✅ Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV channel published a report on russia’s war against Ukraine.

✅ Macron will call Orban to persuade him to impose the oil embargo. France expects to conclude an agreement banning all oil imports from russia this week.

✅ The White House declared that Putin’s speech at the May 9 parade in Moscow was a lie and absurd.

✅  Kyiv people took part in an online vote to rename metro stations in Kyiv. According to the results of the voting: Beresteiska station is proposed to be renamed to Buchanska station, Lva Tolstoho Square to Vasyl Stus station, Heroiv Dnipra to Heroiv Ukrainy, Minsk station to Varshavska station, “Druzhby Narodiv” to the “Botanical” station. Next, the draft decision should be considered by the Kyiv City Council.

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