News by the Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ukrainian Daily Wins May 03, 2022

Ukrainian Women’s Guard Monitoring Department

✅ In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, Joint Forces Operation soldiers repelled 12 enemy attacks and destroyed 10 machinery units: 6 tanks, 5 artillery systems, 22 armored fighting vehicles and 8 enemy vehicles.

✅  The Ukrainian air defense systems brought down 8 enemy UAVs, one of them was Forpost UAV worth $7 million. 

✅ Anti-aircraft missile troops of AFU destroyed 2 enemy Forpost and Orlan-10  UAVs which were spying in the south of Ukraine. 

 ✅ Bayraktar UAVs hit russian positions once again in Zmiinyi island. 

 ✅ Since February 24, losses suffered by the russian military have been 24200 soldiers.

✅ 70 M777 howitzer weapons, which is about 80% of the total 90 units pledged to be provided by the US, were shipped to Ukraine. 

✅ In Dnipro, the utility workers dismantled over 10 memorial signs installed in the Soviet times.

✅ The utility services are resuming essential services of water, power and gas supply to Irpin. According to the mayor, residents can get back home soon. 

 ✅  In Kyiv oblast, two 50 square meter residential complexes will be constructed for people who lost their houses as a result of the war. 

 ✅ Civilians are being evacuated to Zaporizhzhia from Azov steelworks. 

 ✅ Great Britain will send 13 armored vehicles to evacuate people from besieged regions in the east of Ukraine.

 ✅ The Verkhovna Rada banned the activity of pro-Russian political parties in Ukraine.


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