DIGEST. Ukraine WAR 2022

On 25 February, the city of Starobilsk, Luhansk region, was shelled by Russian troops causing fire in the building. A civilian was killed. Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

On February 24, at about 08:30, a Russian air strike hit the downtown of Uman, Cherkasy region. A civilian bicycle driver was killed. Source: Suspilne.

On February 24, Russian troops hit civilian neighborhood close to the airport in Mariupol with MLRS BM-30 Smerch. Three civilians were killed. Source: TSN.

On February 25, Mariyanivka village, Vyshhorod district, Kyivsky region, was hit by the Russian air strike. Civilians were targeted, four people were killed, 15 injured. Source: Kyiv Regional State Administration.
Shchastya city, Luhansk region, suffers from constant Russian attacks. At least seven people were killed, many civilians injured.
Source: Serhii Gayday, Head of Luhansk Military administration. Ukrainian Women’s Guard