April 24th Ukrainian Women’s Guard Organization conducted self-defense courses for women in Kharkiv

Ukrainian Women’s Guard – Ukrainian voluntary women’s organization that emerged in 2014 and started its activity with mass pre – medical, psychological and psychiatric training for women. Since 2014, over 1,500 women were trained across Ukraine.
More details on these training, let’s talk with the Head of Ukrainian Women Guard, the lawyer Eelena Biletska
Eugene Pavlyukovskiy: Tell us about the event in Kharkiv and how big is this project at all?
Elena Biletska: Ukrainian Women’s Guard holds similar events for years. Our plan is to carry out these activities throughout Ukraine over the next 3 months because there is a demand, the girls come to school for various reasons.
In Kharkiv we were surprised that the usual housewife, journalist, office manager and others came on this event, not just volunteers, or those who associated with the army. As we pursue primarily a security issue, we believe that better to be prepared and informed.
Irina Slavinska Were women who have suffered violence in the streets or a desire to take courses just in preventively case?
Elena Biletska: I conducted a statistical analysis: 40% of women have experienced violence or were present during its implementation, and the majority – those who want to prepare.
Irina Slavinska: More than half of the population faced with domestic violence, and not just self-defense courses certainly required, but some psychological help?
Elena Biletska: We start classes with thinking method. We explain on the psychological level, how to treat the situation. And after that we start physical exercises. Those lessons that we give are effective, any girl or woman of any constitution can provide a response.
Irina Slavinska: The usual stereotypes of women, which is associated with love, tenderness and beauty, contrasts with the image of a woman who is fighting.
Ukrainian Women’s Guard is working with the Ministry of Defence, which moves in the direction to cancel restrictive list of professions for women in war.
Elena Biletska: Indeed, the Lists of Ministry of Defense is under revision, in the near future, these issues will be resolved. In addition, girls who occupy fighting positions will be formalized.
Ukrainian woman has the right to defend their country with weapons. We are patriots and are entitled to equal with men to occupy relevant positions.
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